I send my scourge, I send my sword
Thus saith the Lord
I send the swarm, I send the horde…
Thus saith the Lord

Josephines maximus form; Redemption. Only magical girls who’s ethereal energy potential is massive are able to reach their final form, in which they take shape of their would-be Ethereal form should they ever die. In this form, they are practically invincible and cannot be defeated by Sins. It does, of course, take a lot of effort to maintain this form and is only used in dire situations; none of the Sassy Sisters have ever seen a maximus.

Josephine is the only girl out of the Sassy Sisters able to take on such a powerful form, yet she has never done it. Some of the older magical girls who know of Josephines ethereal energy potential speculate why she has never chosen to use her maximus; some think it’s because Josephines magical girl transformation is the only one that is painful to undergo, and a maximus transformation would probably be even more painful than her normal transformation.

A magical girls maximus form is the closest they will ever get to becoming Ethereal before they die, and seems to portray biblical angels to some extent.


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Caitlin Hackett

"Wither and Bloom"

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The noctuid moth Ascalapha odorata bears the common name “Black Witch”. It is considered an omen of death in Mexican and Caribbean folklore. In Mexico, it is known as “Mariposa de la muerte”.

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Trip into demonology


During the 16th century, it was believed that each demon had more strength during a special month of the year. So people born on those months are influenced by them.

Belial in January
Leviathan in February
Satan in March
Belphegor in April
Lucifer in May
Berith in June
Beelzebub in July
Astaroth in August
Thammuz in September
Baal in October
Asmodai in November
Moloch in December

Sometimes I wonder, why I know more about demons than angels.

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