Daario Naharis Game of Thrones Recast

I’m offended
they literally did not try
could’ve at least given him a shave and a wig but nooooooo


my baby i whisper as i watch a middle-aged man missing fingers learn to read


practicing comics??? the questionable morality of a superhero’s life choices + their idiot monster villain bf

"i cant stop fucking thinking about dicks"

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These people are doing some great things.

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We were redecorating our living room a while back and me and my sister managed to convince our parents to let us paint this on the floor before we put the carpet down. 

I can’t wait until we move out and the next owners of the house go to redecorate.

My parents are awesome. 


my Valfré package came today ♡ i was so happy. everything is beyond amazing!!! i feel all slimy inside for getting such an amazing package from a phenomenal artist ♡  if you don’t already… please follow the amazing Valfré & support her art ✌☮ ✌☮

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So I saw the bandwagon and I hopped on it.

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